Stop waiting - The Muse is a deadbeat

There are many myths in regards to the creative process, but one of the most dangerous ones is the myth of the muse.
The muse stands for the idea of “divine inspiration”, the juice without which we, as creative people, supposedly can´t operate.
To be honest - I´m not a big fan of the muse. If I was pressed to come up with an image, I´d envision her as a fat lady in jogging pants lying on her couch, eating pizza, watching soap operas on TV all day while living on government checks.
She once had a job.
She traveled around the world to inspire artists to create amazing stuff, but at some point she got fired, because she was lazy and totally unreliable. Sometimes she would show up for work and sometimes not. Then she started to call in sick more often, to eat even more pizza and watch more TV - up to a point, when she would not leave the house at all.
Artists around the world stopped creating, because they were waiting for her. They were waiting for her to make their job easier - but no one showed up.
It might happen that she´ll get her butt off the couch at some point in the future, but I would not place my chips on it.
If she shows up unexpected, great! Appreciate what she has to give and buy her a pizza, but until that happens…keep working.