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Here´s what people say about my music:

"Derek Steep is an extraordinary songwriter, who can create that rare mix of songs that are at the same time very personal, but also very accessible to the listener. Working with him has been a privilege - and a blast! Derek Steep in one helluva songwriter!"
- James Scott, Producer and Audio Engineer

"Derek is a great songwriter with a voice that soothes the soul. The level of musical expression is top notch!"
- George "Shred King" Engelbrecht, Guitarist for Strident
"l love Derek Steep's voice. You can almost taste it; it's warm, rich and smooth with hints of raw honey, dark chocolate, and perfectly made espresso. Delicious!" 
- Jessa Young, Singer-Songwriter for Morphic Dream
"When I was listening to the record - time literally stopped. Spacious sonic structures and ambiguous lyrics took me on a musical journey through The Tenfold Path - and I can´t wait to go there again!" 
- Neal Wakefield, Progressive Solo Guitarist
"Great job on your new record. Cool voice and great guitar work! Great work my friend!" 
- Kevin Ward, Producer and Audio Engineer

"A tapestry of masterfully expressed emotions - The Tenfold Path is the unexpected year welcome soundtrack of our life."
- Draven Grey, Vocalist for The Silent Still and Founder of Mind Rock Records