Discipline Revisited

We can write in nice lofty ways about the topic of discipline, as I did in my first take on the subject in “Discipline Investigated”, when I approached it from more of an airy fairy, self-improvement angle.
However, that was just one perspective of my multiple personality disorder and therefore I will let a different guy in my head write on the same topic today.
He´s pretty pragmatic, so here goes:

Definition of the word discipline:

Discipline is the ability to sit your ass down and work, regardless if you feel like it or not, day in and day out.

That´s it. There are no exercises to practice, there´s nothing to understand or investigate - only the simple question remains:
“Will I sit my ass down today and work, regardless of circumstance?”

If you can answer: “Yes” - This is discipline.

Now, ask yourself that question every day and try to improve your YES to NO ratio for each month.
That´s all you need to know about the topic.