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Hi, my name is Derek Steep and I´m the creator behind “The Mimicry Of Shadows”, a site for musicians and songwriters.

At some point I had the dream to build my own studio to write and record my own music, and the gods laughed about my naiveté, because at that time I could not fathom the amount of work that this would take (I thought I would just press “record” on some device and get great results).
I was in for a big surprise and it took me around ten years to learn enough about audio engineering to record my own songs and finish my first professional album. I have given up music many times along the way - out of sheer frustration - just to come back to it three days later.
Throughout all these years I have encountered many obstacles, learned a lot about music, humans in general and my own insecurities, fears and strengths.
Looking back, I have probably made every mistake a person could possibly make, lost insane amounts of money by making wrong purchases and fumbled my way through 1000 page manuals to understand how recording software works (not understanding anything during the first read). 

I chose the name “The Mimicry Of Shadows” as a symbol for the difficulties we encounter on the human path and how we choose to deal with those challenges.
We might lighten the weight of our shadows by making fun of them. We might confront them, stare them down or we might mimic their behavior by melting into them - only to realize that they are an integral part of us. However we choose to deal with our shadows, one thing is certain: 

There can be no light without darkness.

My intent for this site is to share my work and document my process; if that in turn helps your own songwriting process - great! I´d be honored if you joined me on this journey for a stretch of the way.

Keep growing as a musician and as a person!